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Great first day on Newgrounds!

2008-01-30 19:36:49 by Rauz

Well now that I've posted my first animation here, I can say Newgrounds is a heck of a lot better place to post animations than Deviant. Even though my first one is nothing really notable I actually got some feedback (helpful feedback at that!). Where as on Deviant I can go for months at a time befor so much as one person even see's my art post and even then they usualy don't leave any comments.

My first animation is nothing special, but I mainly just wanted to see if Newgrounds was a better option than Deviant for posting animations.

I hope to post a flash series I'm working on, I still need to draw out all the characters in flash (I have their drafts drawn out I just need to make the finished version in flash). I do have the main character finished (may do some adjusting later), the picture should be on this post (first time doing this).

I still need to come up with a name for it as well as voices, sound, and music; but I do have a storyline down (just needs a little editing).

Great first day on Newgrounds!


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