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2008-12-20 01:40:37 by Rauz

Work, Work, Work, Work, and guess what? More bloody WORK! Original animation project has been shot out of the sky thanks to my new job, a move, among other personal matters, was surprised I still have some freaking internet!

Oh well, a small rant to get off my chest, gonna start getting back into drawing again, and hopefully will find some time for more short animations to keep my practice up, especially now that i have a pen tablet.

Great first day on Newgrounds!

2008-01-30 19:36:49 by Rauz

Well now that I've posted my first animation here, I can say Newgrounds is a heck of a lot better place to post animations than Deviant. Even though my first one is nothing really notable I actually got some feedback (helpful feedback at that!). Where as on Deviant I can go for months at a time befor so much as one person even see's my art post and even then they usualy don't leave any comments.

My first animation is nothing special, but I mainly just wanted to see if Newgrounds was a better option than Deviant for posting animations.

I hope to post a flash series I'm working on, I still need to draw out all the characters in flash (I have their drafts drawn out I just need to make the finished version in flash). I do have the main character finished (may do some adjusting later), the picture should be on this post (first time doing this).

I still need to come up with a name for it as well as voices, sound, and music; but I do have a storyline down (just needs a little editing).

Great first day on Newgrounds!